• Canvas Print: 
    • Printed with high-quality archival inks
    • Printed signature on lower right corner
    • Stretched on a wood frame and ready to hang.
    • VARIETY PACK I: one 24X24 , one 30X30, and one 36X36 of each Noah's Arks. Total of 12 pieces. (retail value: $3,380)
    • VARIETY PACK II: Two 24X24s, two 30X30s, and two 36X36s of each Noah's Arks. Total of 24 pieces. (retail value: $6,760)
    • Shipping: Approximately 2-3 weeks
  • Suggested Retail Value: 
    • 24X24: $195
    • 30X30: $275
    • 36X36: $375
  • The 30X30s and 36X36s are most  common sizes above cribs
  • Email info@chelseamcshane.com for custom sizing requests
  • All sales final

Noah's arks VARIETY canvas packs